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Ascend into the King & Become The Lover You Desire

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Heal The Inner Masculine

Expansion of Relationship Remedy

This programme is NOT a Quick fix, it is for those willing to be the change. Do not enter this container with an expectation but rather a willingness to be the change for yourself. If you are willing to no longer seek outside of you and instead return to your own healed masculine then this is soul aligned. Rather than seeking to fix/manipulate/change your external reflections of the divine masculine, you will come home to your sovereignce. This is for you if you have been in a string of failed & toxic relations and are ready to integrate the soul lessons so you may ascend into your next relation with ease.

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What You Can Expect

You are the lover you desire

  • Healing the father and mother wound so you can consciously enter into a higher union.


  • A devoted vow to r

    e-parent the Inner Child as you ascend into the KING.

  • Bring your Inner Masculine & Fem into union with deep surrender to the divine.


  • Heal the Toxic Masculine within your own lineage.

  • Integrate the soul lessons from former lovers and release them into the light.

  • A deep remembrance of coming home as you heal your heart chakra.

  • You will witness ancestral patterns that show up to be transformed. 

  • BONUS 

    lovers workshop and becoming the one.



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Volume ||

Relations are a call home

This programme expands upon the teachings of Volume || of the authors work. She discusses how every relation is an activation and if we are willing to accept the initiation of our relationships then we can integrate and return to wholeness so we may ascend into the twin flame. That is why we have soul mates, so we can integrate the lessons we must learn to be ready for our final love. This is the purpose in them.

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King Embodiment

Becoming what we desire

You will be led on a journey to not only recognise the qualities you desire in a lover but how to become an embodiment of your King. You will witness where you are not yet ascended into your dream love and the shifts that will be required for you to embody that love you seek. This will shift and change as you move through this programme and return to the sovereign masculine.

Ps this is not about becoming perfect, it is about becoming whole

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Initiate Your Inner King includes Beloved Mentorship

Attract a King will launch in Sept 2024

  • Pay Upfront

    Online Course & Beloved Mentorship
    Valid for one month
  • Payment plan

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months

BONUS Dating Tips with Claire Dore

Claire is a dating, sex and relationship coach. She is also a keynote speaker, writer, radio star, soon to be author and single divorced Mum. Claire coaches men, women and couples around intimacy. Her work with women specifically is to support them in healing the wounds that are getting in the way of them attracting what they want, coaching them to align their energy so they are magnetic. And with men, she coaches and teaches them how to connect with a woman and create true intimacy and the fulfilment they desire in their relationship or dating experiences. Claire’s work goes deep, and essentially she wakes others up to who they truly are, connecting them to their true essence and hearts.  She has recently completed writing a book on her journey post divorce which is all about owning her sexuality, the current working title is “un-f*cking-leashed”.   The book essentially defies everything we’ve ever been taught by society and deconstructs generational bullsh*t.   She is deeply passionate about modelling to freedom and truly embodies this in how she leads her life.

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