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Intimacy Retreat for Beloved's

An intimate retreat for over 18' Beloved Couples.

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Puerto Banus.

Intimacy Retreat for Beloveds

This is an expansion of our programme SXUALSS, a divine requirement is that you feminine of the beloveds walk through this course in order to be accepted upon application of this retreat.

This preparation is essential in the space holding of this event so you are calibrated to a higher frequency. Once you have fulfilled that course, you are eligible to apply.

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Five Star Puerto Banus Villa

We will be staying in a expensive five star villa, in which you’ll be held throughout the divine experience by author Yuos’sima Diamond Rose. 
She has witnessed first hand the triggers that we can be faced with when we our intimate with a lover, that is why she wanted to create a safe and sacred space for you and your beloved to work through them in a way that is supportive. 

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During your stay you’ll have access to a private chef that will provide nourishing plant based, gluten/dairy free produce, plus you’ll have access to a pool; sauna and a special couples day out to build your connection. 

This will allow you both to integrate the changes as you connect outside of the retreat.


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This retreat is not about sex 

This retreat is so much deeper than sex. It’s about connection, presence and union. Each couple will have their own bedroom to be intimate with in which we ask that their is no sexual activity. The intent of this retreat is to build a connection beyond our sexuality, so when you leave you are fully connected and able to make love from a new space and a solid foundation for a healthy sex life. This is all part of building a intimate and sovereign connection beyond pleasure.

Each couple will receive an eco friendly sex toy hamper to bring home with them to ascend in your sexual experience and to honour the divine feminine.

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Please let us know why you think you are a divine fit for our higher calibre retreat. If you completed SXUALS and have divinely integrated and allowed sovereign space for your higher calibre wealth, please let us know why you feel this is the next divinely aligned action to take on your sovereign path?

Does it honour your wellbeing?

Thanks for submitting!

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