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CEO Retreat

A five star intuitively guided experience in Feb 2025.

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Private Jet

The author has held this vision for a very long time to give people the opportunity of a lifetime. This retreat holds space for five women in which you will calibrate to the CEO you are destined to be. This is the ultimate experience. There will be a meeting point in which five women will have the opportunity to fly via private jet. this is so you can travel in luxury and be held as you honour your wellbeing. There will be a high calibre gift for all women who attend this including luxury handbags and couture design.

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A great CEO has the highest good of all at the forefront of the mission of their brand. They desire the wellbeing of their mission to be at the forefront of the legacy they desire. This is how we build a Million Dollar empire by committing to laying a solid foundation.

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Five Star Resort

Each retreat will be intuitively guided and created by Yuos'simas soul. You can expect five star treatment, resorts, service and luxury goods.

You are your legacy

Until you are capable of becoming ALL that you are, you will never reach your full potential. Earning money is easy but to do so with integrity and actually create a better world for future generations requires discipline. This is for those willing to create a better world.


On day three so the author can reset, you will each be given a $5000 gift card to go on a designer spending spree. So the author can re-calibrate and take the time she needs, we will all have the day to not only shop but integrate the CODES from the training.

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A New Paradigm

This is not aligned with the old era of how we lead, we will be coaching in intimate and relaxing settings to allow your nervous system to settle into leading in your feminine. This is so we can soften into masculine structure as we embody that of ease and grace. This retreat is to help you embody a regulated nervous system as a CEO so you can lead with grace.

Who is this for?

This retreat is for people earning six/seven figures in their business. It is not for you if you are a five or even four figure earner as it does and will not align. Our team will ask you a series of questions and a call will be put in place before you can commit to ensure this will support you emotionally, financially and at a soul level. We ask that you fully trust in your own discernment as to whether this vibrationally feels calibrated to where you are in your journey and if it feels the natural next step to easily and gracefully expand. 

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