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Jennifer Licciardi

My soul mission is to help women heal their heart and find personal power after narcissistic abuse.


I have a 12 week transformative journey, program that will show women that it all starts with you, and that you have the power within.  Are you tired of feeling broken, powerless, and trapped in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse? It's time to take back control of your life and heal your wounded heart. Welcome to the Reclaim Your Heart Power Program, a transformative journey that will guide you toward personal empowerment, self-love, and a future filled with healthy, loving relationships.

I went through Yuossima’s the Author’s Code, which is a six week program where I learned how to birth my book. This was such a valuable course for me, where she was able to pull my book right out of me with the techniques she used. I took the course in June and July. I started my book in August and had it done by the end of the same month. I then had it self- published early September. 

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