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Hey There..

we've decided to list some brands we recommend that have deeply supported our path of honouring our overall wellbeing and leading aligned with love.


Plant Based Recipes

After being introduced to Medical Medium, the author quickly discovered the link between food and her physical health. After spending years praying for answers to navigate her life in a way in which she could thrive, she was fortunate to come across Fivesec. If you want a simple plant based regime that is exciting, fun and satisfies your taste buds, then this affordable e-book is for you.



After struggling with spontaneous bursts of depression, the author was called to investigate and discover more about Magic mushrooms and the use of micro dosing for long term health benefits, that is why she created a collaborative partnership with The Micro dose brothers.


Period Care

After a while Yuossima discovered that clothes were making her extremely uncomfortable during her menstrual bleed and that is when she started to free bleed. This is when she discovered free bleed blankets in which she discovered this soul aligned brand.


Medical Device for Fibromyalgia

After the author's diagnosis of a chronic health condition, she developed fear of travel due to the level of physical and mental demand of fulfilling flight journeys. That is when she was introduced to The Medical device available from Healy specifically for people who suffer from chronic ailments which enables her to travel with ease.

Earthing & EMF

After discovering the benefits of using a earthing sheet at night to sleep - the author was eager to partner with a brand that delivered conscious earthing products and EMF Protection providing support for harmonizing negative signals coming from 5G signals in your family environment. 

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