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Virtual Magazine

Instead of a boring email with a ton of junk, because let's face it we have had enough of that, why not sign up to receive our seasonal magazine. You'll receive a edition of our magazine filled with tons of value. Each copy will vary different and it will also includes ways in which you can enter into our regular giveaways to win tons of prizes and exclusive offers.

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..would you love a email every season to honour a New Era in which Yuos'sima will share all things beauty/sustainability/ spiritualism/coaching tips and so much more to live a healthier and holistic life. Then we have got you. Sign up and instead of receiving tons of automated newsletters trying to sell you stuff, we are actually offering value. In our Virtual Magazine you will not only have the opportunity to enter giveaways but you may get the opportunity to work with the author herself.

If there is anything you want to see featured in regards to a question or topic you would love to see the author delve into, tag us on Insta @neweraparenthood, a member of our team will forward your request on.

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Sign up to our Collective Magazine

Goes out every quarterly avenue of the year.

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