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A Collective Community for Men & Women

More than ever, Yuos'sima has noticed a divide and that is why she has created this container for us to walk as one in Unity. Within our monthly membership you will have access to tutorials, teachings and workbooks to support you in Quantum Ascension so you can create a Higher Brand.

Everything you need for conscious creation will be included in this membership, you will receive New Content each month to align with a New Era Of Leadership.

If you are tired with the old way of leading then this is soul aligned, this is a higher way for you to create an authentic brand.

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What are you building?

 Each month we will come together and collaborate entrepreneurial ideas and projects. We don't have to compete when all of us have a unique ability to lead, instead we can come together and create a better world.

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Walk The Walk

Be A Catalyst of God/Source Frequency

Our platform is for beings willing to be a true example of the definition of leading in integrity, that is why we are building this membership, is so other committed soul led beings can create a conscious brand. How can your brand create a catalyst of change?

The Conscious Creator
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Lead in Consciousness

This membership will support you in aligning with the love that you are as you activate the creatrix within. This is not for you, if you are not conscious in your soul dharma and you want this membership to be a quick fix, this membership is if you know what your soul purpose is and you have clear direction. It is for you to align with other leaders who are calibrated to your unique purpose so you can create Magik together. This is a place for our soul contracts to be activated so we may find each other. in unity we have the potential to build worlds.

Join the Waiting List

Thanks for registering to our membership. 

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This is not for higher calibre brand leaders, this is for beings who are beginning their entrepreneurial journey.

It will give the basic tools and resources to align and co-create a higher calibre brand. If you want to be a high figure earner, then we highly recommend R2YSS our New Era of Fem Leadership as this requires a higher level of dedication & support. This is for you if you are a conscious creator who wants an awakened brand, not that of the spiritual ego but a true embodied mission.
Please read our co-commitments on the about page before committing.

Doors open in Jan 2025
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