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Our Period is History in the Making

I myself have had along line of suppressing/blaming/shunning my menstrual cycle.

Last year was breaking point. I was loving it from a lens of conditioning.

Unless it was "performing" then I was not willing to hold my womb in unconditional presence.

When pain would arise, my deep lack of love for my periods was witnessed. Yes I used healthy products and did all the "things," but it ran deeper.

What it wanted was my presence.


So I started to listen.

Rather than complaining for all the events I couldn't attend, the work I couldn't do.

The rest I needed.

I witnessed as women we have the gift of being cylical creatures.

Which means our energy is constantly changing aligning with the eb and flow of our own reproductive system.

That's when I started to build a cyclical business in which I was very aware for two weeks out of the month I want to be veiled.



I need that time of deep nourishment.

And then the other two weeks I love to shine.

Out and extroverted to interact in my divine feminine.

When my period comes around, it's a time of renewal.

Exfoliating, moisturising, rose petal baths.

CBD oil.


Binge days with Netflix.

And then the divinity of making my body feel good.

It's like a ritual.

I prepare my body for the divinity of her willingness to enter into the cycle of menstruating. My most recent experience was to nourish my sacred vessel in a new tanning lotion.

I've been searching for a vegan, non cruelty/oil tan because tan dries my skin out.

Something that made me feel like a goddess.

So just before my sacred bleed, I devoted myself to a rose bath, body butter and my GOLD tanning oil, yes may I add gold.

I upgraded my space with higher calibre decor, blankets and thicker curtains as we come into the winter months to make sure I feel extra held.

I will then order a big bunch of red roses after my sacred bleed to honour myself.

I deserve to be treasured.

The reason I share this is to invite you to recieve this initiation. What changes can you make that embrace the divine and organic frequency of being a woman.

How can you love yourself deeper and unconditionally?

What does your womb need.

Let her speak.

She has endured more than you could imagine throughout your ancestral lineage.

She carries their blueprint. And if you want to really invite yourself to delve deeper into honouring your sacred cycle, Period To Pleasure is our FREE online container that you get access to when you sign up for SXUALS.

This is to help you start healing and returning your root chakra to love. Are you ready to be a divine goddess?

Share your ahas with us and use the hashtag #Yuossimarose.

We would love to hear what came up for you.

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