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What is the truth?

It's been a long time since I wrote my first book and overtime our perception and viewpoint shifts.

Recently I've been delving into diversity and the seperation of humanity and ultimately it's our attachments to what we believe to be true, that keeps us from unifying.

What if we could create space for all to co-exist.

All beliefs/cultural opinions and truths. What if there was no right or wrong and in each individual there was only what's true for them but not necessarily a collective truth?

If we could accept that our way isn't the only way, we could create a unified collective consciousness in which we all have space to live freely.

It is the conformity of what we expect society to be that's separates us.

Because they are not destined to be what you need. They are destined to be what they desire for themselves.

If we can find acceptness in this unique blueprint, we also find inner peace.

If they were meant to be anything other than they are, then they would be and also time and space allows each individual and their unique individualism to change. It's never fixed.

Their truth today may be different to that of a New Era. In which a New Generation is born.

They may choose to be the change for themselves.

Their beliefs/unique standpoint on things may alternate but they are still the same individual for they are not their beliefs.

Therefore can you see beyond and look into the presence of who they are. Beyond all the attachments/identifications and stories that they believe are true and into presence where nothing exists.

Can you stop pushing your wrongs?


And just allow presence to be the catalyst for which we can co-exist and allow people to change without your need for them to do so?

For without your desire to cohurt people to become something they're not, you create a belonging in which people can just be.

How does it feel when you're not fully welcomed into the moment of NOW?

Does it make you feel good or bad and then imagine projecting that onto another.

Now focus on being that change for yourself in which you don't HAVE to change but you do so without the need for others to walk the same path.

For you respect the law of free will in which we all get to choose without control or manipulation who we desire to be for ourselves.

What's your thoughts, you can tag us @neweraparenthood with your input on our Instagram account.

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