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Podcast Chat on Womb, Wealth, Wellness

Generational wealth and our disconnect to the divine


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043: Hot Girl Chat - Clearing Generational Trauma, Wealth Consciousness & Priestess Codes w/ Yuossima Rose 

In this episode Lauren interview Yuos'sima about the role of a Priestess as well as our capacity to hold finances. This episode is for you if you ant to learn how to clean generational blocks to receiving.


Blog feature on EveryWoman Day 

How painful periods are awakening us as women to live cyclical lives


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EveryWoman Day is a project created to raise awareness and share experiences about women’s health, so that other women can benefit. EveryWoman Day is proud to support the work of Women’s Health Concern, the patient arm of the British Menopause Society, and of Bladder Health UK, the patient support and information group. These charities strive to make our lives better.

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Ex-Model Turned Divine Channel Launches New Wellness Platform

To Help Others Become Free From Past Trauma and Generational Chains

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As initiated in the first paragraph of  Yuossima’s book ‘The Truth of Trauma’, she wants to share the first step on breaking free from repeating the generational cycles of what has already been by using this affirmation: “I in this divine moment am no longer willing to neglect or abandon oneself. I choose to be the cycle breaker in my lineage.”

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Hoto Finally Love Yourself..

Embracing Your Individualism

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In this in depth interview Yuos'sima was asked how do we finally love ourselves by delving into what this journey looked like for her. In this piece you will not only discover what true love really is but how to apply that for yourself.


The Power of Women with Claudine Hope

The stigma of shame

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In this vulnerable episode the author discusses the shame stigma of seeking help for mental health, offers advice to parents on addressing bullying and also gives some brief support to anyone who is going experiencing it, what kind of support you can get and who to trust. 


Balm to the Soul

Energy healing for the mind, body and soul

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In this Podcast episode the author talks about the DANGERS of spirituality, victimisation and how Manifestation is being used to bypass our Souls Lessons.

If you desire to be inspired, this episode is for you. 

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