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Become a Higher Priestess

You Matter

"You do not matter because of what you do, you matter because of who you are." The Truth of Trauma.

What we need for a New Earth is to create a new lineage of leaders. A legacy that will create ripples. Women who are willing to be the change. This is for you if you have been deeply intimate with a form of suffering but know you are destined for greatness and you are willing to do whatever it takes to become the leader you're destined to.

A New Era of Feminine leaders creating heaven on earth so you can live the life you
love without sacrificing your overall wellbeing aligned with source.
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If you enrol in this you will become the leader of self.

Allowing something larger than life to lead the way.

Attracting all that you desire from a state of ease and grace within.

Wholeheartedly fulfilled by life.

Aligning with the knowing that all is as it's meant to.

Trusting in the unfolding.

No longer feeling the need to strive for or attain what is outside of you.

Being tapped in.

Utilising the universal power that is readily available.

Having released all the shame of who you "think" you are.

Embodying your sovereign truth.

Shattering all illusionary beliefs.

Wholeheartedly leading yourself.

A Collective Movement

To Be The Presence We Desire To Be

A sisterhood of women in which we are all dedicated to being the presence we desire to be in the world by creating a New Era, in knowing it is our energetic frequency that will create ripples. All coming together in unity as we support each others individual path. A frequency of togetherness as we walk in the light. Choosing our destiny rather than accepting the path that has been paved.


What You Can Expect from this Programme

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To transition through this experience you will cut cords with that which doesn't align. You will come to witness what is out of alignment in your reality so you can create that which is. This enables you to become an embodiment of your destiny rather than powerlessly waiting for it to be.

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Within this programme you will release all that which has gone, clearing all generational lineage so you can align with a life you love. So that rather than choosing to escape your shadows, you will learn how to transmute them for a higher good., this will support you in no longer witnessing yourself through a conditioned lens.

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When releasing the old, we must replace it with the new therefore within this content not only will you align with your highest version of self, the soul you are destined to be but you will also gain access to our BONUS ACTIVATION "Activate your Dharma & Allow the universe to lead." To support you, we help you release any attached expectation of how you think the path should be and instead align with that of truth.

Building a Higher Brand

If you join our Higher Calibre container you get access to EXCLUSIVE branding mentorship to help you activate and align with your own unique blueprint so that your brand can standout. To prevent brands looking like they are a copycat of one original blueprint, she is dedicated to helping wayshowers activate their own. Every single business should have their own unique frequency. This is NOT building your brand for you, it is activating your unique blueprint.

PLUS Calibre three includes photoshoots & videography during our Priestess Activations for your brand.


Somatic Gatherings

Every 6-12 weeks you will have sacred drop ins with a trained facilitator or the author, in which you'll check in with your nervous system. All dates will be available to access within your container. This will be a emotional drop in of the breath, energetic movement and regulation.

This is for all, in knowing we are all one. Dates yet to commence

Your Pain is Your Power

It was Yuos'simas Destiny

When Yuos'sima stepped into this industry she received spiritual abuse mirroring back the unhealed trauma. There was so much projection on how she was “meant” to be as a leader. But it wasn't aligned with her soul.


She found herself frantically seeking to gain answers until she realised we are all here to create our own heaven on earth. There is no one way, only what is right for one self. 

She has now transformed her suffering so that she may guide others home to themselves. So they may lead from a space of this is my destiny rather than spiritual inauthenticity. 

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Lead in Love

What we need is leaders who genuinely care about how their actions contribute to the greater good. We can either work for our own gain or because we genuinely choose to lead in love. This is what this container is for, the leaders who want to contribute towards a greater mission and are ready to create a New World.


The deeper you are supported, seen, loved and nourished through your ascension, the greater a leader you can become. This will prevent you from acting out and not being of true service while creating a New Earth.



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  • Calibre 1

    Online course, F/B Community & Somatic circles.
    Valid for 10 months
    • 𝘚𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘊𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘦 𝘛𝘰𝘥𝘢𝘺.
  • Calibre Two

    Every month
    Online course with dharma activation, Group Mentorship, Guest Speakers & Holistic & wellbeing.
    Valid for 15 months
    • 𝘉𝘦𝘨𝘪𝘯𝘴 May 2024
  • Calibre Three launches September 2024.

    Every month
    Calibre Two PLUS Priestess activations on sacred sites when divinely aligned.
    Valid for 20 months
    • Travel expenses not included, all events live streamed.
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About our higher calibre container

Every three months in calibre two and three you will have DHARMA GROUP MENTORSHIP with the author and a sacred sisterhood in which you can also send in questions if you can not for any reason attend . We will also have a range of pre-recorded audios from different mentors to support you on different topics around female embodiment and general well-being so you can lead with ease, this will be intuitively led and will continue to expand. You can expect sound baths, full moon rituals, HD Design and so much more so you are fully held and supported as you embark on your soul mission to create heaven on earth including experts in plant medicine and relations to support you in aligning with a life you love.


Press & Media

You'll receive divine guidance on how to integrate your higher calibre brand in the media with press and media coaching if you enrol in Calibre Two & Three.

Please note none of our work gives you permission to access the author outside of our paid containers There are trained facilitators within our Facebook communities to hold space; hence the author will not respond to any direct personal enquiries or emails. All mentorship will be held within our Zoom rooms, if you wish to leave feedback for the author or share a testimonial you can do so at or in our somatic circles in which she will open the space for you to do so at the end.

Join Healy

If you are a higher calibre Priestess who feels called to be initiated at a deeper level, we invite you to participate in our Quantum Package by choosing to enrol in Calibre Three, as well as purchasing a Resonance Pro Healy Frequency Device. By choosing this investment you get access to our EXCLUSIVE VIP Quantum Coaching Container which will give you direct access to the author in a intimate and closed VORTEX with a group of sisters.


A divine example of the branding that the author ACTIVATED for Feminine and pleasure coach Tiffany Gnaly. She helped Tiffany birth her vision of hat she wanted to aesthetically create for her Membership.

She desired something sensual and an immersive experience for women to receive the call of her mentorship.


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