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Rejection is re-direction..

It is really important to us that you are deeply held on your journey, that is why we have created a referral page to re-direct you on your path. As Yuos'sima ascends on her journey, she will continue to add mentors and coaches she feels are in deep alignment with the work we continue to expand out to the world so that you can find the right mentor to support you in knowing we are all divinely interconnected and working towards a greater mission.

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You are held..

It is really important to us you get the support you need. Not everyone is divinely aligned to work with us and that is why we  have created a referral system so that you can be re-directed to trusted and embodied leaders in their field of expertise that can support you in a Higher Way. We trust you to use discernment to decipher what mentors are soul aligned, we have selected each referral with delicate care. Let Yuos'simas judgement of character be enough to know you can trust the work of each mentor she has selected to choose as a referral for this sensitive and important mission.

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The Love Alchemists

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The author first connected with these divine beloveds in 2022 and was instantly in awe of not only their connection but their heroines journey in which they both had to face many obstacles in order to allow their love to be. Bas is a Dedicated Lover, Coach, Mentor and  Father who is an embodied example for the New Era of Masculine.

Priska is a wild medicine woman leading women back into union with their wild feminine woman and together they are creating magik.

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