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Are you ready?

This webinar will teach you the difference between leading vs being a coach. You will learn in this training how to be a embodied leader as you mentor and coach your clients to transformation. The quickest way to results is to embody the transformation your clients want.

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My Story

After years in the coaching industry and dreaming of being up on stage just like Tony robbins, I was extremely disappointed to witness the lack of integrity within the old paradigm. I was not satisfied with how leaders were leading others into debt/dissapointment and not improving the overal wellbeing of the clientelle. The higher good of all clearly was lacking. This is what amplified my desire to change and to step up and become an embodied leader. No-one was living up to what I knew we were capable of ascending into as leaders so I dedicated myself to creating a company that benefits and supports a unified movement.

If you are ready to align with and create a New Paradigm of leadership and actually take responsibility then this webinar is for you. If you are here it is because you have had enough and you are ready for a new path to be revealed.

The New Era

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