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Please hold onto your Passcode which is SXUALS you are going to need this to access all of your online modules.

We ask that you move through this container in a pace that works for you to allow the shifts and calibrations to be fully integrated.

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Are you ready to enter Sexual Sovereignity?


©2023 by Yuossimaroseltd.

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Privacy and legal Statement

Materials in this container (audio's, videos, worksheets) are considered the property of Yuossimaroseltd. All material/s cannot be copied, reproduced, photocopied, used as a screenshot, sold, or translated, nor can anything within our containers be shared outside of our internal containers. 

Outside materials and images are intended for educational purposes only and are appropriately credited within the manual and materials. 

Participation in this course acknowledges the following:

"I understand my risks of participating in a course where I will be practicing healing modalities that may bring up emotions, trauma, discomfort, growth, expansion, and elation. I am not pregnant and have no known medical concerns that may limit my participation. I will hold Yuossimaroseltd and affiliate entities harmless for my participation.' Any medical and health related decisions should not be made from this training without consulting your health professionals.

Respect of Privacy for participants

Our training includes sharing personal life experiences, stories, and vulnerability. What is shared within the group is kept within the group. All participants agree to respect and honor the privacy of each other, share only what's been approved, and honor the vulnerability of this space.

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