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Be the leader you're destined to become as you create heaven on earth.

This course is dedicated to wayshowers / healers / leaders who are dedicated to leading in love. This is for you if you’re a deeply empathic and soulful woman who knows they are destined for more and are willing to expand into that version of themselves from a state of presence and IAM.



Clear your root chakra and earn sacred riches

This course is to help you heal your root chakra in a state of ease so that you may align with that of a higher wealth legacy, rising above all Poverty Consciousness. Within this container you get access to our Facebook vortex #TheMillionDollarEmpress to receive Higher Wealth teachings & Activations.


Cylical Leadership

This is a divine activation to honour your sacred bleed by aligning it with that of ease and grace. It is a Higher Calibre experience to recieve the activation of aligning the womb with a cyclical business.

Lead in Love



Plant Based Alignment

After discovering she had fibromyalgia the author was intuitively guided to read medical medium. However during her experience she developed food fear. She fell into the trap of food seperation. Although she instantly fell in love with becoming a plant based eater; she felt trapped. Her life suddenly became limited.

She is now passionate about helping people ENJOY eating plant based as your trust in your own inner guidance.

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Heal the Masculine & become your own lover

This programme is aimed at the divine feminines that are willing to heal their inner masculine to attract a King. It will guide you through the layers of transcending old love so you can attract in a higher union. 

Image by Sixteen Miles Out


Be the author you're destined to be

This six week journey is to help you become the author you’re destined to be by activating the books you are destined to write. Within this container, you will get access to coaching with the author to work through any blocks,  as well as our online portal to  teach you how to self publish via KDP via six modules and pre-recorded group coaching to bring your book into the world aligned with that of ease as you honour your wellbeing.

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