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Healing Centre

Bringing love to the world

The author has held a vision in which she wants a sacred space that people can go and heal themselves when dealing with generational trauma so they may be held. She believes the environment in which we heal plays a crucial part in our remembrance. This is our ten Year Legacy in which we ask for your contributions to help us birth this into the world.


Our Story

Yuos'sima unfortunately had to walk most of her path alone and although she had a higher awareness in which being in divine solitude was part of her path, she longed just to be held in a safe and sacred space. Her greatest catalyst of pain was the longing to be held without expectation in a world that seeks. That is when she birthed the desire to create a centre in which people could come and heal themselves and take temporary solitude from their lives. A time to return to stillness to come home to divine remembrance. This is her long term legacy to retire and be of service to a non profit organisation.

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