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Cyclical workshop in Glastonbury 2025

For Feminine Business Leaders

This cyclical workshop is a workshop to bring women together. A sacred and feminine gathering in which divine sisters come together to honour their womb. This will help you re-align to create a Cyclically align Business. This is a diving expansion for women who feel they are here to lead aligned with their feminine nature. It is the path of devotion.

The Magdeline Path


Intimacy Retreat with your Beloved, Puerto Banus, Marbella 2026

Over 25's ONLY

For those who feel called to deepen intimacy with their partner, Yuos'sima runs retreats for deeply devoted beloved's who want to connect deeper through intimacy. For the feminines who choose to participate in taking ownership of their sovereign sexuality, this is an expansion of our online container SXUALS, it is an opportunity to go even deeper by learning to become deeply intimate as a couple by immersing in pleasure.

£7500 a couple/£3750 each.

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