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PRESTIGE Womb Initiation

Includes a 1-1 womb initiation in which you will get a in person 1-1 healing with the author as well as a YONI STEAM. This process will unlock the layers of healing that need to begin in the womb, clearing out all energetic plugs, DNA blockages and ancestral trauma. These initiations are to be done in person and are done in groups .

This initiation will unravel the layers of divine masculine imprints that are attached to your cervix causing disease. This is not in replacement of medical or professional advise.

Sacred Sisters

Gather with your sisters to honour the divinity of our womb. We will hold each other and honour the cylical wisdom of our wombs to guide us to lead aligned with our Divine Feminine and how we can align it with our Business we honour the divinity of our womb gathering in divine initiation, prayer/love and business mentorship so we can learn how to lead with our bleed.

This is an initiation and invitation for women to connect with their womb to help them build a cylical based business that honours and sustains the eb and flow of a feminine leader.



The author went through a really dark period in which she realised she could no longer live a life that wasn't cylinically aligned. She could never make plans and had to go into deep slumber which went against her conditioned busy masculine tendencies. She used to dread the pain of her bleeds as the cries got louder, begging her to change her ways. So she did. She worked from the inside out, first on her fear of facing the root and then of how she was leading. She started to figure out how to regulate and balance her cycles to then base her life around her cylical natural. She now dedicates sacred time to prepare for her bleed as well as honouring herself by making her own product line to honour her womb as well as getting flowers delivered each month to celebrate her rose day, honouring the blood she sheds.

All attendees receive a offering in which you'll be gifted your own handmade Yoni Seam Seat/Stool to bring home with you.

Glastonbury 2025

Connect to the Magdeline on this intimate experience, includes Glastonbury private tour, the workshop, chef and two days accommodation in a private accomodation in the beautiful nature of Somerset. Spend a couple of days in the divinity of beautiful surroundings as you re-connect to your womb and prepare for your new path of cyclical leadership.

Additional days can be requested at an additional cost or for private mentorship sessions.

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