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Create a Higher Wealth Legacy & Heal Poverty Consciousness

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Who is this for?

Poverty consciousness was a huge part of Yuos’sima’s awakening. She realised that a unhealed root chakra was preventing her from claiming the treasures that were a result of her commitment to self. 

She was committed to rising above the poverty consciousness that was embedded in her lineage by healing herself and now she helps other women do the same. This is for you if you are not fully embodied in your sexuality and are unhealed in the source calibre of what wealth is. Not only will you learn how to be intimate with one self vs sacred pleasure as you heal you root chakra, you will embody leading in pleasure vs sacrifice.

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21 Days Of Conscious Masterbation

Included in this programme is 21 days of conscious masterbation in which you’ll be asked to commit to being intimate with one self every single day. Utilising the rituals, downloads and divine channeling shared by the author, you will learn not only how to access the portal of divinity through your own masterbation but how to use that divine energy to clear your ancestral lineage of all that blocking your riches. BONUS content | Self sacrifice to Self Pleasure 5 Day Masterclass.


Coming Home

Our Sexuality is Sacred

This is a beautiful journey of coming home to love through sacred pleasure. Being intimate with one self. Discovering your body. Connecting to your vessel. Learning what your needs and wants are in a safe and sacred way that honours it's sovereignce. Truly allowing yourself the gift of discovering how to please yourself while dissolving all blocks preventing you from earning riches.

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Creating a Wealth Legacy

By joining this curriculum you get access to our group training #TheMillionDollarEmpress. You will gain access to our Facebook community in which Yuos'sima Diamond Rose will be downloading and sharing sacred trainings to create a higher legacy aligned with that of wealth consciousness, includes pre-recorded content and is a CLOSED container to protect these higher downloads.

What to expect 

Yuos’sima teaches women how utilising conscious masterbation you can clear the root chakra. That by utilising sacred pleasure and being connected to one self you can heal shadows from a state of ease.

This is for the divine beings who are willing to clear their generational lineage of that which is not love in their womb so they may rise above poverty consciousness.

UPGRADE Your Wealth Consciousness & receive intimacy & self pleasure coaching today! 

May you have the courage to break free from the limits of your ancestry

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    Valid for 5 months
  • Pay Upfront

    Valid for one month
  • Payment Plan

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    Valid for 11 months
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The Intimate Vortex

In our Facebook community the author offers Intimacy Coaching spontaneously so don't forget to have your notifications turned on so that if the opportunity arises you can receive coaching on Intimacy/Self Pleasure or Money.

"Your teachings are what brought into my awareness the truth that I am Sexy, Appealing and desirable. I had never contemplated attempting to feel my own sexual energy reflected back, which is what happened as I followed the exercises of making love to myself. I didn't even know I could make love to myself but doing your course gave me greater confidence in myself, sexuality and in relationships. It gave me greater authority, taking back my power from men who abused me and took me from granted. Somehow I have greater self love from accepting my self sexually and the course has been a catalyst for greater transformation as a woman,  spiritual being and truth seeker. I love you Dearly Sistah, thank you so much for your dedication to source and for sharing your gifts." Kelly Ray.

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