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Creating a Timeless Legacy
with Yuos'sima RoseLTD
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Our vision was birthed by Divine Channel & Author of The Truth of Trauma, Spiritual Life Coach/Healer & Quantum Reiki Master, Yuos’sima Rose Dineen. born in Carshalton Surrey. Not only is she dedicated to leading a legacy of love after going through generational and ancestral trauma in her life but she is also passionate about helping others fulfil their true soul purpose in a way that honours their wellbeing.

'You don't have to suffer to serve, for a true healer heals themselves.'

She knows only too well that on our heroines journey we will face many challenges. After the author was faced with severe crippling anxiety/mental health issues, womb trauma, dysfunctional relationships/divorce and even miscarriage, she understands how hard it can be.

She understands how it can often feel IMPOSSIBLE, that is why she is not only dedicated to helping people become the highest version of themselves throughout these experiences but is also committed to help them rise above the adversities they will face, in knowing these challenges forge us into who we are destined to become.

That is why she has dedicated herself to overcoming her own adversities so she can help others do the same. She has now become a part of Healy, the New Era of frequency to support her in managing her chronic illness after being diagnosed in 2016 with Fibromyalgia so she can travel with ease.

She is extremely passionate about helping people thrive no matter the circumstances they have been dealt with because she believes you are NEVER “too broken” to be who you were destined to become to live your dream reality.

She is now training in holistic & alternative medicine as she writes her third book on trauma in the root chakra to overcome Poverty Consciousness, studying the link between a disconnect with our sexuality to forge a Higher Wealth legacy, as well as becoming a trained somatic facilitator. 

Her work continues to expand for she knows that by continuing to be the change for herself she is contributing to the greater good.

As well as being a qualified spiritual life coach, quantum reiki master & angelic healer, she is also becoming a certified Doula to assist and support clients in a higher way in knowing our womb is a huge part of our ascension after going through the loss of a child. As she supports other leaders, she continues to expand her own wealth of knowledge so she may continue to heal. She aspires to bring people on the journey she is embarking on from transitioning to pain, illness, disease in the mind, body and soul and dysfunctional relationships to thriving and experiencing intimacy in all areas of your life so you may thrive.

Relying on Plant based Medicine & micro-dosing to balance the demand of healing herself as she expands.

Dedicated to helping leaders lead in alignment with source/god/love frequency. She has gathered many tools over the years from travelling all around the world,  speaking on stage, learning from leaders such as Mel Wells and Tony Robbins to teach her the necessary skills, learning from only the best in the industry, studying online courses with organisations such as Hay House to help her write her book.

It has been adverse as she has done this while battling illness, PTSD, abuse and generational depression. This is why she believes there is a better way, that in leading the way for one self, we have the power to show others how to heal themselves.

She has never given up on the vision that god placed in her heart and knows that she is here to help others do the same. 

She has created a range of modalities that will support you in the form of books, online courses, retreats, as well as 1-1 mentorship.

We are not only building our own brand but our helping others build a brand that will sustain them in their overall wellbeing discovering hat their true soul purpose is as they alchemise their pain into power, in knowing your destiny has already been written.

You can start this journey by purchasing her first book The Truth of Trauma to discover what that is,


Please note, this is not in replacement of medical or professional advice nor is it suitable for under 18's without the consent of an adult due to our content being of a sensitive nature with reference to sexual and childhood abuse.

Yuos'simas other passions can also be found on our website by browsing through our online merchandise, vegan makeup line and soy candles.

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“Talking with Yuos'sima has been a very calming and inspiring experience for me. I can tell her experiences and deep knowledge of the subject fuel her passion to offer to her community only the best in a holistic manner. Her vision is set on helping her community by nurturing their energy and confidence in themselves. I am amazed by this powerful woman and I know she can positively change the lives of all those that may cross her path.”

BAW Burlesque London, United Kingdom 

Our Podcast Show

We are now doing LIVE coaching to give  you the opportunity to work with the author. You can apply for twenty minutes of Quantum Ascension by sending us a DM on our Instagram #APPLY. The coaching will be done in a private intimate setting via zoom and the recording will be posted on our Quantum Ascension & Mastery Podcast show for our audience to receive the activation.

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Leading in Integrity

This training is for you, if you're being called to lead in a higher way. if you want to align your dharma with that of god/source essence. This is a FREE webinar that will talk about the destructive effect of not being whole in your business and how it will limit you to a lower wealth legacy. You'll learn not only how to run a High calibre brand but how to create a legacy of wealth through the lens of love instead of fragmentation so you may thrive.

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Calibrate to Source Frequency

Remember Who You Are

On our Insight Timer Platform we have a range of guided audios to support you on your journey to come back to the Remembrance of IAM.

These meditations are available for you to stream at any time with unlimited access.

Insight Timer


RSVP to our conscious seminar events coming in the year of 2025 with Quantum Ascension & Mastery.

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